The Book

book-coverIn my bestselling book, Happiness Anywhere Anytime, I reveal the secrets of happiness through a collection of warm, humorous and insightful stories. Describing common everyday events from kissing, to makeovers, and to reading horoscopes you discover that the secrets are actually in you – the source of your personal happiness lies, not in material things or goals or other people, but within yourself.

No longer do you need to depend on buying happiness at a clearance sale, marrying it at the altar,getting it through a promotion, or hoping to win it in a lottery.  This is false gold as the resulting feelings of happiness are fleeting at best and often reliant upon circumstances outside of your control. The focus of this book is on the most sought after kind of happiness – the type that is enduring, and which fulfills you and gives meaning to your life.  This is 24-carat happiness and it can only be generated within you. And by you.

At the end of each of the stories you are directed to the Practice Happiness section of the book where I guide you through a 4-step program full of tips and tools showing you  how to change your thinking and behavioural habits to achieve deeper and longer-lasting happiness  on a daily basis.


In the book you will learn how to:

  • Live from the Inside Out helping you live with greater passion and authenticity
  • Live with a Positive Attitude allowing you to develop a sunny confident outlook
  • Live in the Present helping you make the most of the here and now, and
  • Live a Fully Connected Life ensuring your relationships are more satisfying and fulfilling.


User-friendly and fun to read, Happiness Anywhere Anytime has been specifically written for people wanting solid practical strategies that will help them take control  of their own feelings of happiness and in the process set them on the path to a more passionate and purpose-driven life, more meaningful and fulfilling relationships, and greater professional success.

By practising the strategies described in this book you will become absolutely committed to the life-changing realization that lasting and fulfilling happiness can be yours…. anywhere anytime.


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What Readers are Saying about Happiness Anywhere Anytime


“As someone who knows about the power of humor in influencing change, I am delighted to say that the stories in Happiness Anywhere Anytime are full of warmth, quiet wisdom, and chuckles galore. In addition, there is a terrific punch line – four easy-to-follow steps to enjoy the greater happiness you deserve!”

New York Times Bestselling Author
‘The Healing Power of Humor and Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying’


“By combining common sense, storytelling and research, Dr. Bruce Wells makes happiness accessible anywhere and anytime. If you want more out of your work, your relationships and life as a whole read this book and follow its prescriptions.”

New York Times Bestselling Author, ‘Happier’


“Dr. Wells’ Happiness Anywhere Anytime is a collection of vignettes that takes a practical and calculated view at quantifying happiness as the preliminary factor in success. In the tradition of Aesop’s fables, coupled with the modern life couch model this book acts as a guide for individuals to view the stories presented as both a motivational factor and a measuring stick on how to succeed. It is highly practical and would be useful to anyone who would like to get an analytical gauge on their own progress in life.”

Assistant Professor of Law, PMU University


Happiness Anywhere Anytime is not only a riveting read, it is a fantastic reference book for when you or the family hit the emotional skids and need a level-headed friend to provide a way forward. The language is simple, the stories engaging, and overall it’s worth its weight in gold.”

Senior Book Reviewer, OPEN Magazine


“This thought-provoking montage of happiness provides practical advice that is user-friendly and applies to day to day life practices. The four practical steps are so logical and easy to apply to any lifestyle. I use these steps as daily prompts on my google calendar, it brings a smile and laugh to any situation. This book is a must-read and should be on your bookshelf. Everyone deserves happiness anywhere and anytime. Apart from being good value – this book is also a delightful and brilliant read.”

Leader Wellcare Department, Aramco


Happiness Anywhere Anytime shows how happiness is inside all of us with easy steps to make it part of our lives. Through a series of very useful stories this book points you along the path in reaching happiness that is very much within your own grasp. One of the crucial issues today is how and why so many of us are unhappy despite having achieved and sacrificed much. Bruce’s masterful study shows despite any adversity we can all share in happiness and impart it to others, generously. A gem of a book which I recommend to everyone.”

Laguna Hills, California