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I speak on topics related to helping people live happier and more fulfilling lives by living purpose-driven value-based lives, adopting healthy lifestyle habits, establishing a life balance, mastering resiliency skills, practicing positive communication, and cultivating satisfying and productive relationships. My most requested topics are set out below.

Note: I can present these topics as either a keynote or full-day workshop. Also, I will customize my presentation to meet your specific needs.


Get Happy Anywhere Anytime

Many people make their happiness dependent upon getting things or waiting till certain circumstances arrive. But this is only ever a quick fix. In this presentation, based on my bestselling book, I take you through 4 steps that enable you to enjoy a more enduring happiness and greater sense of well-being.


Get Happy at Work

Two out of three people are not happy in the workplace. This results in more presenteeism, reduced productivity, and lower workplace morale. I show you how to be more engaged at work, how to avoid secondhand stress, how to achieve a healthier work-life balance, and how to fully connect with your colleagues creating a happier and more productive workplace.


Positive Leadership

Company culture drives success. Research reveals that up to 70% of a leader’s time should be focused on developing a culture that is purpose-driven, values-based, solution-focused, confident, and fun. I show participants how to practise walk-the-talk values, how to go from a problem to a solution-oriented mindset, how to reduce stress and conflict, and how to communicate positively with employees allowing people to perform at their best in a culture that is trusting and open.


Positive Communication

Effective communication skills are essential in today’s fast-paced and distraction-busy world. In this presentation I share strategies for overcoming communication barriers in the workplace and at home, present-oriented listening, how to maintain a positive and resilient mindset, the power of strengths-focused conversations, and rules to use when broadcasting your message via technology.


Positive Mindfulness

Research shows that our attention wanders 47% of our waking hours and that multitasking reduces our productivity by up to 40% while making us more susceptible to making errors, increasing time needed on tasks, and raising stress levels. I share with you strategies for being more in control of your emotions, more task-focused, more solution-oriented, a more positive communicator, and improved team player.


Positive Wellbeing at Work

Happier and healthier employees are more productive, have fewer safety incidents, score better customer ratings, are better team players, and stay at their company longer. I show you how to be more engaged at work, more present-oriented, more relationship-focused, and how to adopt healthier habits that stick.


Positive Retirement

While everyone knows to get their retirement finances in order most people neglect their emotional portfolio. In this presentation I show pre-retirees how they can enjoy a smooth transition into retirement and experience greater happiness by establishing a purposeful vision, maintaining a sunny outlook, keeping physically and mentally active, and nurturing your relationships.




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