Happiness Challenge


Do you want more happiness and fulfillment in your life?

The Happiness Challenge is a free series of weekly habits allowing you to take charge of your own happiness at work, at home, and in your relationships. Each week I will post a new happiness habit together with research-proven practical exercises for practising the habit. Each habit, if practised regularly, will contribute powerfully to your ongoing happiness.

The key is to practise the habit conscientiously for that week. Each and every week day – that’s 5 days – you need to commit to making the choice to practise the habit. After several weeks you, and particularly your work colleagues and friends and your partner, will begin to notice the difference in your more positive and happier behavior.


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Some of the habits you will practise include:

The habit of living your values for direction and contentment in your daily life
The habit of using your strengths for greater happiness at work
The habit of mastering a positive mindset for greater resilience and creativity
The habit of being able to break free of worry loops when you are sleeping
The habit of successful weight loss, when 80 percent of dieters fail to keep their weight off
The habit of gratitude for what you already have, instead of constantly feeling that you need more
The habit of mindfulness for enjoying and staying focused on one task at a time
The habit of achieving the 5:1 magic ratio for happier and more fulfilling relationships


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